Episode 3: Marriage and the Army

My Interview with My Father: Ray Hintze
Episode 3: Marriage and the Army

Interview with Ray HintzeIn this episode, we follow Ray through two marriages, the first of which lasts only a few months, and after the divorce the couple walks away and never has any contact with each other again.

We talk about his jobs with Western Optical, the Radiobiology lab, and finally the army as a personnel clerk, where his experience with dogs helps him land a rather cushy job.

We follow him to Fort Ord, Fort Carson, Fort Benjamin Harrison Indiana, back to Fort Carson, and then to Europe on the troop ship, the William O. Darby, where he became part of the German post-war occupation force.

We ended Episode 2 after Ray breaks up with Dawna Howlett over his decision to go on a mission, and connects up with another young lady, Janice King.  And we pick right back up in the middle of that part of the narrative.

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