Episode 2: The Taylorsville years

My Interview with My Father: Ray Hintze
Episode 2: The Taylorsville years

Interview with Ray HintzeIn this episode, we’ll cover dad’s school years in Taylorsville Utah up through a little bit beyond his graduation from high school.  We’ll cover all of dad’s siblings, his parents and grandparents (who had all passed away before dad was born), and some of his aunts and uncles.  We’ll talk about WWII and rationing.  We’ll meet his friend the dog trainer, Tom Imlay, and ultimately his first two wives, Dawna Howlett and Janice King, both of whom he met while in high school; and much more.

Some of the dialog in this episode is a little bit sensitive, because it covers dad’s teen-aged and early young-adult years and some, lets say, less than good-little-mormon-boy behavior.  The following episodes will include some sensitive content as well.  I go there only to provide a complete picture of the man that raised my seven siblings and me, and not to be critical of his decisions or behavior.  All lives contain regrets and I believe the measure of a person is how they respond to the challenges they face, even of sometimes those challenges are self-imposed.


  1. Excellent! I never knew he was called on a mission to Samoa. You are doing a great job Todd. Thanks so much.

    1. Yeah… I learned a lot of things about dad in the interview that I never knew before. I’m glad you like it. There are more episodes to come.

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