Nadine Day Hintze

My name is Nadine Day Hintze. I was born at my parents home in Hunter Utah, which is now West Valley City. My parents are Henry Earl Day and Gladys Marie Claunch. I was born at 12:30 A.M. January 1924. I am the third child of four.

I went to the Whittier Elementary School in. Hunter. I went to Monroe Junior High in Granger, Utah. I went to Cyprus High School in Magna.

I remember the depression. When we had holes in the soles of our shoes, we put card board in our shoes. I remember going without anything for Christmas. I was baptized in the Magna Chapel when I was 8 years old. When I was nine years old I received my patriarchal blessing. It has some wonderful promises.

After I graduated, I worked at Camp Kearns. When I was still in school I vent to Saltair with a girl friend and her family, We rode in the rumble seat. When I was older and during the war (World War II) I danced in the all girls Mutual Dance at Saltair. Later when I was dating I danced there. It was the most wonderful place to dance..  Our family went swimming at the Great Salt Lake, Black Rock Beach.

I quit working at Camp Kearns and worked for Independent Ice and the little Walqreens across from Temple Square. Then I started working for Beneficial Life Insurance across from the North Gate of Temple Square. I became a Stake Missionary, Oquirrh Stake while working at Beneficial. I went through the Temple at this time. It was such a marvelous, spiritual experience for me, that I felt like I was a few inches off of the ground for quite a few days after. I was called on a mission to the Texas-Louisiana mission (1946). This was the largest group of missionaries since the war. October 1946. The missionaries that lived close to Salt Lake stayed at home at night. The Mission Home was behind the Beehive House. The missionaries toured the rooms upstairs in the Temple. Lyle and I were both in this missionary group. I didn’t know he was there until we came home and were dating. I understand when Lyle came home from his mission he was dating Danish girls and his father asked him if he couldn’t find an American girl. So he said “How about the Day girl”. Our first date was a dance at the North Jordan Stake house and then we went to Jane and Bills and everyone took off their shoes and put them in a pile.

We were married June 14, 1950 and moved to Provo, Utah. Lyle was working for Utah Valley Furniture and attending the Brigham Young University. We lived around the corner from Harold and Grace. Harold was Bishop of our ward. Our first child Lynn was born [removed], 1951. RaeAnn was born [removed], 1953, also at Provo.

After Lyle received his teacher certificate, we moved to Roosevelt, Utah in 1954 (August). Lyle had been hired by the Church to teach Seminary. Lynn was burned from the waist down. Scott was born [removed], 1955. We moved to a house owned by the Church and took care of the Bishops Storehouse.

Leslie was born [removed] 1957 and Kai [removed] 1959 in Roosevelt, Utah.

Lyle was asked to teach in Bountiful so we moved here in 1959. He surely has enjoyed teaching in Bountiful better than Roosevelt. The students are more competitive here. We rented a home just one block from downtown Bountiful for one year, then moved to our present address 174 West 1050 South. We are buying our home. In fact it is almost paid for now. One month after we moved here. Wendell was born, [removed] 1960. Wendell was born at St Marks hospital when it was at the North part of Salt Lake City, Utah. On [removed], 1963 Tracy was born. She was born in our new South Davis Community Hospital. I was 39 years old and we thought we wouldn’t have any more children. After a few years and a rest, and a lecture we attended, and Tamara nagging from up above, we decided to have another baby. Tamara was born [removed] 1967. Tammy was the only child that was early. We were at the hospital two days. We came home on my 44th birthday. Lynn was in high school and Tracy was four an one half.

All four boys worked in Idaho during the summer for Grant Mathews. This was in the Grace, Idaho area.

Lynn went to California, Oakland Mission. Scott vent to Ecuador, Quito. Kai was called to Uruguay, Montevideo Mission. Wendell went to the California Ventura Mission.

Lynn married Cathy Lynn Campbell, RaeAnn married Randy Jackson, Scott married Jannie Barton, Leslie married Jim Eggett, Kai married Diane Mathews and Wendell married Jeri Ann Barber.

In 1975 Lyle and I had the opportunity to visit the Holy Land, Egypt and Italy. That is a trip everyone should take. We celebrated our 25th anniversary in Italy.

In 1977 Lyle was very sick. In July 1979 Wendell had a accident. I won’t tell this story in this history, it is written up special. Tracy has attended Ricks College for one year and is attending Weber State. Tamara is a sophomore at Bountiful High school.