Keith Sears Hintze

This is a brief story of my life, Keith Sears Hintze. I’m 61 years old today (September 5, 1983) I was born on September 5, 1922 in Salt Lake City, Utah, although my family lived in Elberta, Utah at the time. I lived in Elberta until I was about 13 years of age. Our family moved to Taylorsville, Utah. I was drafted in the service in December 1942, and served in the Army Air Force. After about a year in the Air Force, I was discharged. Worked around Salt Lake at different jobs.

Married Blanch Lilah Davies Hancock on April 7, 1944. Lilah had been married before and had two children, Mark and Bruce. After a few years more, we had two more children, Kent and Douglas.

In July of 1950, we moved to Dragerton, Utah, to work for a used car lot, and ended up working in the coal mines. The next 27 years was spent working in the coal mines. After 27 years for health reasons, retired from the mines and moved to Ivins, Utah, in Southern Utah.- We have been here now for about six years.